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about aly.

Since entering the field of arts in health, I have built networks and relationships nationwide through organizations and initiatives such as the Creating Healthy Communities Arts in Public Health Initiative and the National Organization for Arts in Health. 


As passionate about data as I am about the arts, I combine evidence-based practice with creative and innovative approaches. With a foot in two worlds, I am as engaged when leading a strategic planning session as facilitating an arts program.


Two of my primary focuses in the field of arts in health are using the arts to build resilience and combat burnout in medical students, residents, and healthcare professionals; and using arts based techniques to build communication, teamwork, cultural competency and empathy skills for health science, public health, and medical students.


I am also committed to the professionalization of the field of arts in health, and inspiring the next generation of arts in health practitioners. In my faculty position at the University of South Dakota, I have developed specialized curriculum for their undergraduate and graduate level arts in health certificates. 

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