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Strategic Planning

Let's create a roadmap to guide your organization's future.

Why a strategic plan?

What is your vision for your organization or team? What do you value, and what are your long term goals? Building a strategic plan answers these questions and provides guiding tenets for all that your organization does.

When you have your plan in place, whenever a new idea or project comes along you can measure it against your plan to see whether and where it fits into your overarching goals. If it fits, you know where and who is best suited to pursue it. If not, you know better than to use your valuable (and often limited) resources on something outside of your goals.

How a field expert can guide your plan

Arts in health is a unique and interdisciplinary field, and building a strategic plan for new or growing programs requires a field expert to best execute an arts, evidence, and community based strategy. At Arts in Health Consulting, we use arts-based techniques, tap into the vast evidence base for best practices, and work closely to engage your organization's greater community to tailor your strategic plan.

Core techniques

Listen + Learn, Synthesize, Prepare for Implementation

Using a 3-phase approach, we always begin by listening and learning more about your unique needs. We use arts-based methods to gather data, such as creative writing or poetry, combined with interviews and focus groups. To synthesize the information, we code the qualitative data for themes and work together with your stakeholders to develop a vision statement, mission, values, pillars or goals. We then dive into the evidence base to gather best practices and complementary program models. Depending on the depth of the partnership, the end product could be a summary of process, a theory of change, a case statement or a full, ready-to-implement strategic plan.

Are you ready to create a plan for the future of your organization? Reach out today to schedule a consultation for a Partnership.

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