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Arts in Health Headlines

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

+ Research Roundup

October 2022


Kresge Foundation: Q&A: Deep Center fuels Savannah’s youth to use writing, arts, culture to improve community health

The global mental health crisis: Wellcome Trust launches international science and art project to help people cope

NEA: Arts & Health

Star Tribune: Why Creative People Age Well *Note: Paywall

World Health Organization: Upcoming performances of The Vanishing Point: a journey into blindness and perception written and performed by Christopher Bailey

Executive Order on Promoting the Arts, the Humanities, and Museum and Library Services

Here's why your health care provider may tell you to go take a hike

Creating Income Opportunities For Artists With Disabilities

Painting and poetry come together in Mindfulness in Medicine exhibition at hospital

Hope Corps, a program to help Seattle creative workers and artists re-enter the workforce

UAB Arts in Medicine presents Healing Harmonies choir Oct. 23-29

Community: 'Arts in Medicine' celebrates 10 years, opens new gallery

Music in Medicine — Harnessing song for health and wellness

'Art + Medicine: Healthy Aging,' a new Twin Cities PBS program, offers a positive prescription for older adults

Podcast: Disability and Health Spotlight: Art Enables


Lifting lockdown: Renewed access to arts and cultural activities, BMC Public Health

Systematic review of social prescribing and older adults: where to from here?, Family Medicine Community Health

The effect of mother-infant group music classes on postnatal depression—A systematic review protocol, PLoS ONE

What are the active ingredients of ‘arts in health’ activities? Development of the INgredients iN ArTs in hEalth (INNATE) Framework, Wellcome Open Research

A framework for NHS action on social determinants of health, The Health Foundation

Arts-Based Training Program Effectiveness: A Teaching Methodology in an Occupational Therapy Doctorate Program, The Open Journal of Occupational Therapy

Effectiveness of Arts in Health Interventions in Clinical and Public Health Settings: What is the Evidence?, QScience Connect

Comparisons of home-based arts engagement across three national lockdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic in England, PLoS ONE

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