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Aly's Arts in Health Job Board

January 2023

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RFP for Evaluator/Evaluation Team: ​Alberta Social Prescribing Model

To build a case for future investment in social prescribing, this project requires a robust developmental evaluation framework and data management strategy to demonstrate the efficacy of social prescribing and the impact of interventions provided by the CBSS sector on health and social outcomes for seniors. Healthy Aging Alberta is looking for a skilled evaluation and facilitation team to plan and execute key deliverables for this project.

Call for Proposals: 2023 Northeast & Mid-Atlantic Creative Placemaking Leadership Summit

Do you have insights to share about creative placemaking? As one of the executive producers of the 2023 Northeast & Mid-Atlantic Creative Placemaking Leadership Summit in Jersey City, the Northern New Jersey Community Foundation invites you to submit a proposal to lead a session.

​Art Activist in Residence - Howard University

Will provide several workshops on social justice art to the Social Justice students and the wider campus community. The workshops will explain the themes, techniques, and objectives of the socially conscious art.